Naturopathic Medicine is where Health Care meets Individualized Treatment

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 
- combinations of acupuncture, diet and traditional botanical formula for diverse conditions

Botanical Medicine
- use of whole plants individually and in combinations

Clinical Nutrition
- diet and supplementation for health promotion and disease treatment

Diet and Lifestyle Counseling
-assessment of risk factors and programs to modify behaviour emphasizing self-responsibility

IV Therapy
-high dose vitamins and minerals directly in to venous system to help with energy, immune function and more

-minute doses of plant, animal and mineral substances for treatment and prevention

-the use of water as an accessible and effective form of stimulating healing.

Spinal Manipulation
-diverse techniques for correction of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions


-injecting in to joints to cause regeneration of cartilage and other tissues

Dr. Draper strives to ensure that her medical training is up-to-date and comprehensive enough to serve her patient's needs. This is why she has continued her education past the six standard treatment modalities taught in Naturoapthic Medical school to include IV nutrient therapy, prolotherapy, and in June Chelation therapy.

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Appointments are available outside regular office hours. Please call to book these special times.


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