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Appointments are available outside regular office hours. Please call to book these special times.

Invest in your Health!

Many employers provide coverage for Naturopathic appointments in their benefit packages. We are currently working on getting direct billing for our patients convenience. We hope to have this implemented by March 2019.

Fees are based on the standard fee schedule adopted by the British Columbia Naturopathic Association.  *Please note that our fee schedule will be changing March 15, 2019 to reflect the current CNPBC fee schedule. Please go to our online booking schedule at drdianadraper.janeapp.com OR call the clinic at 778-460-4341 for our updated pricing.

 Initial Visit (60-90 minutes)  $160 - $240

Pediatric Initial Visit (45-60 minutes)  $125

Follow-up Consultation (30-45 minutes)  $90 - $120

Brief Follow-Up (15 minutes)  $40

Appointment Fees

Book your  appointment by calling 778-460-4341 or booking online at drdianadraper.janeapp.com

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