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Naturopathic Medicine Treats the Person, not the Illness

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By focusing on the whole person, rather than just physical symptoms, Dr. Draper is able to help her patients reach a deeper level of healing that addresses the symptoms while treating the root cause so the condition does not return again. Usually when health issues arise the body has already been working really hard for a while to keep everything balanced and working properly. Most illnesses are preventable if we learn to pay attention to the warning signs.

Dr. Draper helps her patients reach a higher level of health by addressing and removing any "obstacles to cure" which are things that prevent someone from living their best life. This can be a physical issue, mental pattern, habits, or all of the above. Health is a journey which includes physical support, emotional growth, and mental development . Whether you are wanting to address only one area of health or all areas of health Dr. Draper is passionate about working with you on your health goals.


Naturopathic Medicine is where Health Care meets Individualized Treatment

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